Step Into the World of Developing Responsible Global Citizens

We’re all striving to become responsible global citizens, aren’t we?

One goal we all have in common is to become responsible, interconnected citizens who are committed to taking action and making the world a better place for everyone.

While previous generations had their own ways of creating responsible citizens, newer generations face different kinds of challenges. With the rapid development of technology and globalization, responsible global citizenship has become more urgent than ever before.

Unfortunately, the resources and materials used in education today usually don’t respond to these crucial 21st-century needs, so we could say the traditional sources used in education don’t provide the learners with the skills, knowledge, and information required for them to turn into truly responsible global citizens.

With the DRGC project, we strive to provide adult learners with everything they may need for this journey. So, learn more about the DRGC project and find out how it can benefit you, whether you’re a learner, teacher, learning center representative, or simply someone looking to broaden your horizons.

Something about the DRGC project

The DRGC (Developing Responsible Global Citizens) project is a collaborative effort aimed at promoting responsible global citizenship among adult students and educators. As an Erasmus+ KA2 project, the DRGC project is primarily designed for language learners.

It’s safe to say education plays a critical role in developing responsible global citizens. Teachers can help students develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become responsible global citizens by incorporating global issues into their curricula, fostering critical thinking, and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

Strategies for promoting responsible global citizenship in schools and communities are extremely limited, which is where DRGC comes in handy.

The DRGC project seeks to promote responsible global citizenship by providing resources and tools for language centers, teachers, and adult learners. With lesson plans, case studies, and best practices included, the DRGC approach has everything a present-day student needs to master some of the most important topics.

That includes:

  1. The DRGC framework of learning outcomes based on CHEDI topics (Community, Health, Environment, Diversity, and Innovation): principles designed to help students and educators develop a deeper understanding of global issues and take action to create a positive change;
  2. The DRGC Curriculum Builder: a software tool for adult learners and teachers to quickly and easily design personalized curricula and syllabi, from A1 to C2. The builder taps into the developed framework and allows users to design their syllabus by combining DRGC and language learning outcomes, and even provides guidelines on appropriate teaching methodologies for delivering DRGC lessons.

With this in mind, you can imagine how valuable DRGC resources are to educators and students interested in contributing to responsible global citizenship.

The benefits we aim to achieve

The DRGC project offers numerous benefits not only to educators and students but to society as a whole. Some potential benefits we hope to achieve include:

  • Cross-cultural understanding promotion: Thanks to the resources and tools included, students and educators can develop cross-cultural understanding and empathy. The result would be the breaking of cultural barriers as well as the promotion of tolerance and understanding among different groups.
  • Critical thinking skills development: Today, critical thinking is essential. By providing students with resources that can help them develop critical thinking skills, the DRGC project can participate in turning learners into more independent and informed thinkers.
  • Civic engagement encouragement: We all want to live in a world where citizens are active and engaged. That can easily be done after we successfully identify and address global issues. This project can help students become involved in their local communities and beyond that.
  • Creation of a just and sustainable world: As for the ultimate goal of the DRGC project, the importance of promoting responsible global citizenship and creating a more just and sustainable world can’t be stressed enough. With a focus on empathy, critical thinking, and action, the DRGC project can help students and educators work toward this goal and make a positive difference in the world.

To be continued

The DRGC project is only starting, so we’re looking forward to presenting it to more students and educators across Europe very soon.

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