Transnational Project Meeting 3

We are pleased to share with an update on the third transnational partner meeting for  DRGC, which was recently held in Barcelona. This pivotal gathering, expertly organized by our partner Molehill, marks a significant milestone in our collaborative efforts to foster global citizenship through innovative educational approaches. Over the course of the meeting, we engaged in in-depth discussions about the progress we have made thus far, reflecting on the milestones achieved and the challenges overcome. This included an evaluation of the various initiatives and activities that have been implemented across different areas, as well as the positive impact they have had in promoting global awareness and responsibility among teachers and learners.

A key highlight of the meeting was the review of our newly developed web app, a cornerstone of our project’s digital strategy. This platform, designed to be both user-friendly and informative, aims to allow teachers to engage their students in an interactive and dynamic way, furthering their understanding of global citizenship concepts. We received valuable feedback from all partners, which was both encouraging and constructive, paving the way for further enhancements. The insights gathered during this session were instrumental in identifying areas for improvement and potential expansion, ensuring that the app remains relevant and effective in achieving our educational objectives.

Looking ahead, we outlined the tasks that lie before us in the next phase of the project. Our focus will be on fine-tuning the web app based on the feedback received, expanding our outreach, and strengthening our collaborative network. We are committed to leveraging the collective expertise and resources of all partners to ensure the success of the “Developing Responsible Global Citizens” project. As we move forward, we am confident that our concerted efforts will continue to make a meaningful impact in shaping responsible and informed global citizens, ready to contribute positively to an interconnected world.

Stay tuned for more news regarding the app development coming soon!